the best bangfor
your buck results
the best bangfor your buck results
Make your Social Channels Sizzle
For a small business owner like you, two things are always in short supply, time and money. You want to make the most of a disciplined, planned, and consistent social media strategy because you’re smart and you know it works – but the tasks required to get a leg up on larger corporations is, well, daunting.
You’re no dummy. Despite your personal philosophy on social media, you know it’s a lifeline for small business. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, its incredibly affordable and effective. And you love the idea of having a tribe that follows your journey as a business and carries the banner for you as an adoring fan.

You may have thought in the past that you could run your businesses social media on your own. BUT the reality is that gathering metrics on page performance, engagement, and followers, setting goals, focusing on branding and brand awareness, creating posting schedules, creating and curating content that is perfectly attuned to the image and tone of your business, optimizing content for search engines, designing advertising campaigns, selecting posts to boost, running ads, interacting with followers adds up to a boatload of time.

Your time as a small business owner is precious and a hot commodity you yearn to have.

You probably have already thought about how glorious it would be to have an expert handling these tasks for you. Enter the need for a social media manager.

If you aren’t exactly social media savvy yourself or the variety of social media platforms overwhelms you (Snapchat, anyone?), those are strong enough signals that you should probably hand it over.

But if engagement on your pages is low or non-existent, you post infrequently or inconsistently, and you lack followers to spread your message for you – your hurting your business by ignoring the signs.

Bottom line? Running a business is a time-intensive endeavor. Even if your business is small, it requires numerous tasks every day just to remain up and running. Dividing your time between those vital tasks and social media management may be asking too much of yourself.

When social media marketing is done correctly, it’s essentially a full-time job. But you absolutely don’t have to add a hire to your payroll to get it done.

Realizing that your business can benefit from outsourcing social media marketing tasks is very the best bang for your buck. Not only does hiring a social media manager free up your time but is a case where spending money leads to making money.

Before we go on, let us introduce ourselves. High Five! Creative is a concierge full-service marketing and creative services company located in Lewes, DE. We are committed to delivering a comprehensive offering of multimedia marketing solutions and design services with a focus on helping small and medium size businesses effectively grow their business – in any way they see fit.